Good Migrations®

Good Migrations is a new generation of sustainable coffees that are shade grown, organic and Fair Trade. Good Migrations® coffee promises rich, full-bodied coffee flavor while protecting forest ecology and preserving migratory bird habitat. For nearly two decades Coffee Traders has been roasting and selling fresh coffee with respect and support for the people, communities, and lands that sustain us.

Coffee Traders chose the name Good Migrations® for our new generation of sustainable coffees to help increase awareness of the close relationship between coffee growing methods and the ultimate health of the ecosystem. We are proud to introduce this new line of shade grown, organic coffees. It is our mission to offer the best coffees grown in the most conscientious way for your enjoyment. These coffees are Shade Grown, Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified through TransFair USA.

Help us create a better world . . . one cup at a time!

Good Migrations Coffee:

* makes a rich and flavorful cup
* protects delicate ecosystems
* enhances biodiversity
* provides a sanctuary for resident and migratory birds
* recognizes the close relationship between coffee production methods and healthy ecosystems