The Grinds

The Grinds
If possible, buy your coffee WHOLE BEAN and grind it just before brewing. When you do grind it, it is important to recognize that different brewing methods require different grinds for the best results.

TODDY GRIND - If you ask your local cafe or market to grind your beans, ask them to grind them on a "coarse" setting. If you're using a blade grinder at home, you can grind them about 11/15 seconds as you would for an old fashioned percolator.

FRENCH PRESS - a coarse grind; if the plunger is too slow, the grind is too fine.

DRIP - a medium grind; 15/20 seconds using a blade grinder.

ESPRESSO - a very fine grind using a good burr grinder.

TURKISH GRIND - the finest grind; this grind is the consistency of face powder. Use a good burr grinder or a turkish hand mill.