MONIN® is the premium flavor choice for professional chefs, coffeehouse operators, professional baristas and hospitality operators around the world.

Monin Syrups
Monin Syrups
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Product Description

Georges MONIN founded the MONIN® Company in Bourges, France, in the year 1912. The forefather of the MONIN® brand distributed premium fruit cordials and wines to bar, restaurant and gourmet retail markets across France, promptly establishing the MONIN® Company as a leader in quality.

Georges MONIN’s motto La Passion de la Qualité (“Passion for Quality”) became the MONIN® slogan, a slogan that is still driving the company today.

MONIN® has grown to be the leading producer of gourmet flavorings used in restaurants, coffeehouses, bars and homes in over 100 countries.

There is no dairy in any of these Monin products. All syrups offered are sweetened with pure cane sugar.