Pallo Coffee Tool

Pallo Coffee Tool

Product Description

What is a Coffeetool? Coffeetool is a better, smarter way to clean and maintain your espresso machine. At Pällo, we’ve approached daily espresso machine cleaning and maintenance from an entirely “different angle”. Coffeetool's unique design and innovative features means espresso machine maintenance just got a lot more efficient and a lot less painful.

Hot Water Deflector Fins Specially designed deflector fins prevent scalding hot water from reaching your hand while cleaning.

Replaceable Bristle Cartridges The long lasting thermoplastic bristles mean less cost and a lot less waste. Why throw away the whole handle when only the bristles have worn out? Available in Nylon and Brass. Removeable Steam Wand Vent Poker Toss your paperclip! Our poker fits 99.9% of all steam wand tips and it's ready when you need it. New "L" shaped poker design keeps poker secure yet easily replaceable. Ergonomic Design Designed so your hand is in a natural, comfortable position when in use. The “Thumb Rest” positions your hand for maximum effectiveness.Handy Detergent Scoop Using too much detergent is a common mistake when backflushing. Our handy detergent scoop makes it easy and convenient to dose the correct amount every time.